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Extreme Downhill Bicycle Racing

Posted • November 12, 2012 • Comments Off on Extreme Downhill Bicycle Racing

Extreme Downhill Bicycle Racing

RedBull Condor

Extreme Downhill Bicycle Racing

Extreme downhill trail ‘Descenso del Condor’ in La Paz, Bolivia

Extreme Downhill helmet cam experience: ‘Descenso del Condor’ in La Paz, Bolivia.

Thinking about joining in on the extreme downhill bicycle craze?

Last Night’s Google PR Update

Posted • November 8, 2012 • Comments Off on Last Night’s Google PR Update

Last Night's Google PR Update

PR updateDid last night’s PR update effect your SERPs?

Did the new Disavow tool have any effect on your SERPs or PageRank?

The early results from the Disavow tool seem to be basically non existent to this point.

Romney’s Campaign shows Internet Inexperience

Posted • November 6, 2012 • Comments Off on Romney’s Campaign shows Internet Inexperience

Romney Campaign Faux Pas

PPC Embarrassments of the Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

During the last month of the election, the Mitt Romney presidential campaign bought pay-per-click ads on variations of “mom,” “mother,” and “grandmother.” What they ended up with was a plethora of internet faux pas that could make even the most experienced sailor blush.

Open Letter to Pat McQuaid from Greg LeMond

Posted • October 29, 2012 • Comments Off on Open Letter to Pat McQuaid from Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond
Open Letter to Pat McQuaid from Greg LeMond
Please retweet or pass this letter around. Originally posted on Greg LeMond’s Facebook Page
October 24 update: Can anyone help me out? I know this sounds kind of lame but I am not well versed in social marketing. I would like to send a message to everyone that really loves cycling. I do not use twitter and do not have an organized way of getting some of my own “rage” out. I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f##k off and resign. I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling’s history- resign Pat if you love cycling. Resign even if you hate the sport.

The Google SEO Trap

Posted • September 3, 2012 • Comments Off on The Google SEO Trap

The Google SEO Trap

Google the evil empireThe evil empire sets a SEO snare!
If you optimize a page that sets off Google’s alarms they will reduce your rank and see if they can get you to do something about it. There’s the trap. Now they have their proof that you are trying to manipulate rankings.
Here is the proof.

Google News – The Short Story

Posted • January 27, 2012 • Comments Off on Google News – The Short Story

Google News - The Short Story

data liberation

One Policy, One Google Experience

We’re getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that’s a lot shorter and easier to read. Our new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google.

bing and Baidu Partner

Posted • July 5, 2011 • Comments Off on bing and Baidu Partner

bing and Baidu Partner

Baidu and bing Partnership

baidu and bing partner
The Chinese search mogul Baidu and Microsoft announced yesterday they have struck a deal to offer bing web services in English. It’s expected to take place by the end of the year.

MetaCrawler Breaks

Posted • May 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

MetaCrawler Breaks

MetaCrawler Broken for Day Number 2

metacrawlerBoth yesterday and today when I tried using metacrawler the “metasearch engine”, the results came up fine. The problem arose when I clicked on any of the results.

When I clicked on the result I wished to visit I received a “Runtime Error” message.

Google Panda Update – Update

Posted • May 17, 2011 • Comments Off on Google Panda Update – Update

Google Panda Update - Update

How Does the Google Panda Algorithm Update Effect SEO?

R-2 Cinco de Mayo
Just one day after Cinco de Mayo Google released a blog post “More guidance on building high-quality sites”. With this post Google has dealt with a number of questions that they have been trying to resolve with their algorithm update.

Do You have a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Posted • May 13, 2011 • Comments Off on Do You have a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Do You have a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Are your Tweets Ranking on Google? What is Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

The best bet is to combine your Twitter Marketing Strategy with your Twitter and SEO efforts. There are even some who believe that Twitter and any social media as a group are useless for search engine marketing.
head in the sand
Are they right or are they just sticking their head in the sand?

WebVisions 2011

Posted • May 5, 2011 • 1 Comment

WebVisions 2011

WebVisions May 25-27, 2011 at the Oregon Convention Center

Portland’s premiere web design event.

  • New Format
  • Heavyweight Speakers
  • More Parties. More Fun
  • May 25-27, Portland, Oregon

WebVisions is changing! Shorter, punchier sessions and half-day workshops that explore the future of web design, technology, UX and business strategy.
Great discount for SEO Blog readers on the event packages.

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